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Acuware 1.0

This is a new generation of acupuncture software for all levels of acupuncturists, students and medical doctors to gain deep knowledge of acupuncture points.  Several unique features make this software different from all others and worth owning: it uses real anatomical images and cross-sectional images from the Visible Human Project of the National Library of Medicine, it allows one to take point location review and test, each points has standard Mandarin pronunciation and more...

Screenshot 1: Main menu
Screenshot 2: Channel selection
Screenshot 3: Points in a channel
Screenshot 4: Cross-sectional anatomy of points (1)
Screenshot 5: Cross-sectional anatomy of points (2)
Screenshot 6: Point location review
Screenshot 7: Point location test (head)
Screenshot 8: Point location test (body)
Screenshot 9: Auricular acupuncture
Screenshot 10: Scalp acupuncture

Features of Acuware 1.0

This is the first acupuncture software using high-resolution real anatomical images from Visible Human Project to demonstrate cross-sectional anatomy of virtually all acupuncture points:

  1. All acupuncture points are demonstrated in 3D high-resolution real anatomical images;
  2. All major anatomical structures on each section or image are carefully identified and labeled;
  3. Point location test in review and test mode will be a tremendous help for improving your point locating skill, and for preparation for the NCCAOM point location test.
  4. Meridian circulation simulation allows you to “see” the flow of Qi in the channels;
  5. Point names in Chinese and Pinyin, with standard mandarin pronunciation;
  6. Concise text on point location, indication and method of manipulation and examples of prescription.
  7. Interactive auricular acupuncture point and scalp acupuncture lines.
  8. Anatomical labels can be turned on/off;
  9. Zoom-in function shows detailed anatomical structures underneath some important acupoints;
  10. Intuitive and easy navigation.

Dr. Colin Lewis of the British Medical Acupuncture Society reviewed this software, saying "This is an anatomical acupuncture point locator program with a difference. The exact course of needling is demonstrated using detailed anatomical cross sections derived from the Visible Human Project from the National Library of Medicine in America."

"The installation wizard ensured trouble free setup of the program into a folder of 107MB. The main menu gives four choices:

1. The main part of the program considers the '14 channels' and extra points. Simply click over a channel and it is displayed over colourful muscle and bone anatomy. Moving the cursor over the points list for that channel highlights the point in red. Clicking over the named point brings up a cross-section anatomical slice showing the needle in situ. Labelling of the important local structures can be switched off if desired. Alongside the cross-section is a text box showing a summary of the point location, indications for use and prescriptions, and needling technique.

2. 'Body regions' shows all the acupuncture points contained in six broad areas of the body from head and neck down to the foot region. Again, extensive use is made of 'mouse over' to highlight and select regions. Clicking over a specific point brings up the cross-section anatomical view of the needle in place at that acupoint.

3. The 'Point Location Test' is an interactive quiz testing your ability to locate points. Help and advice is at hand if you make mistakes!

4. 'Ear and Scalp acupuncture: maps of the ear region and scalp acupuncture zones are shown as simple graphics. By placing the mouse cursor over a region, the point name, location and indication is displayed. "

Here is his rating of this software:

Presentation 9/10

Content 9/10

Ease of use 9/10

This software is suitable for acupuncture students, oriental medicine practitioners, medical doctors and other health care professionals.

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